About Us


  • To influence the development and enactment of progressive policies and platforms of the County, State and National Democratic Party.
  • To mobilize quickly via social media, calls and Internet Democratic grassroot activists to respond to pressing issues locally, statewide and nationwide.
  • To identify, promote and encourage the election of outstanding and effective women Democratic candidates for public office by endorsements, contributions and active support.



Gail Gaston, President
Mary Luck, Vice President
Hannah Krebs, Secretary
Theresa Barretta, Treasurer
Judy Lund-Bell
Marsha Conant
Wendy Wilke



The DWIA Club of Fresno County was created in 2017 by women to honor Hillary Rodham Clinton after organizing for her historic presidential run since 2013. Hillary (HRC), the first female nominee for a major political party, won 3 million more votes than her opponent–more votes for any presidential candidate in the history of the United States at the time–was the first First Lady ever to run for president.

Gathering together in the wake of HRC’s inexplicable and devastating defeat, the women who would become the Founding Mothers of the DWIA, heeded the words of HRC from her 1995 Beijing speech rang true: “There cannot be true democracy unless women’s voices are heard.” After several discussions we agreed to name the Club “Democratic Women In Action” which clearly indicated both a description and a mission.

Since our founding, the Club has established some traditions. At our first fundraiser, we honored, Valley activist and philanthropist Lucia Noia with a video tribute by Congressman Jim Costa. Then we honored Fresno City Council member Esmeralda Soria. We honored Planned Parenthood executive Patsy Montgomery. We held a joint fundraiser for Gubernatorial candidate Delaine Eastin with another Democratic Club, California Latinas. At every monthly meeting we call for “Action Dollars” where members stand and make a donation to the Club after sharing what political actions they have participated in during the previous month. At the holidays, we have a food drive for the Community Food Bank and sock drive for women and children at Naomi’s House. Our monthly meetings feature memorable political candidates and elected, speakers and icons—like Dolores Huerta. Several meetings are reserved for “Hot Topics” such as gun safety, the Mueller report, and the legalization of marijuana. Our membership has grown with nearly 80 members and even more following our Facebook page announcing our alerts for political action.

Thus, the Democratic Women in Action club evolved out of a grassroot, strenuous building of the Hillary for America-Fresno campaign. DWIA continues our mission echoing Hillary’s clarion call that in a true democracy, women’s voices must be heard.

Founding Members:
Patricia Brown
Gail Gaston
Laura Mares
Billie MacDougall
Janet Miller
Hanna Krebs
Charter Consultant:
Barbara Pyle-Rodgers
First Club President:
Anna Marie Ray
First Club Vice President:
Patricia Brown

submitted 11/22/2020 by Patricia Brown
*edited 11/23/20 by Anna Ray